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Originals Band from Melbourne - City, VIC

Hey guys & girls,

we are a bunch of easy going, experienced musos (Two lead guitars, a bass player and a drummer).
We are just starting but have a few songs ready and more on the works but before we go any further we want to get a vocals on board so we can get a sound that every one in the band is happy with so a singer with good ideas and happy to contribute with our material would be great. Age is not important just willingness to sing and ability to hold a note .

We alternate jams between the Lightning Lab in East Melbourne and G.M. studios in North Melbourne every Wednesday.

Our style is yet undefined as we all have different ways of composing music and different influences but if we could name a few bands to describe what we are aiming for voice wise I guess something in the area of :
Pathosray :
Kamelot :
Anubis Gate:

Basically melodic clean vocals, medium to high range.

Have a listen to the some of the songs we are working on:

and if your interested to come over for a jam give us a bell at 0435146015 or just send an email to one of the links below.

Rock Metal