Band: Shadow Realm

Originals Band from Adelaide City, SA

Conceived in 2012 in Adelaide, Shadow Realm is a metal band with influences from thrash, progressive, power and neo classical influences, High Operatic Vocals, Shred Guitar Solos, Classical Inspired Keyboards and Jazz Influenced Drumming are all highlights of Shadow Realm.

Our music is appreciated globally, particularly in Europe and the USA, with enormous interest from international and local record labels and managing agents. Shadow Realm has the huge potential to grow internationally and tour abroad, as early as 2019.

Shadow Realm have been a band for 6 years

The members of Shadow Realm have been playing for 6 years on average

Metal Heavy Metal Thrash Metal
Freddie Mercury, Dio, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickson, Judas Priest, Manowar, Dream Theater
Artists played with include:
Overkill, Truth Corroded, Claim the Throne, Ross the Boss, Psycroptic