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Tailored Short Course Vocal Recording Tutorials

You've bought the gear - a pretty decent mic, good audio interface, got ProTools or Logic running and you just want to be able to capture a decent vocal take for that demo or EP you've been wanting to finish. You do a couple of takes and it just doesn't sound right…?…"Why does it sound so thin?" "Why can't I get the right tone down?" "How do I make it sound like it does in my head?"

You’ve been stuck for a while now...and those YouTube videos just confuses the hell out of you even more. If only you can ask these questions you've got in your head and get a relevant answer.

Is this you?...Let us help you...

This short course aim to help you figure out how to come up with the best vocal takes in the space that you have and with the tools that you've got. We'll also cover basic in 'comping' those takes as well as basics in editing. We'll also cover some basic tips and tricks to get you up and doing the very thing that you love doing.

Taught in our Kensington, Melbourne studios, lessons are taught in minimum 2 hr blocks and approximately run for 4-6 weeks. Plus on-going support and check-ins ('cos we wanna make sure you get to where you’re going). Learn as a pair (Same price, twice as fun)...If you wanna do big groups let us know. Contact Michael for more information on this or for pricing and booking availabilities.

Stop butting your head against that brick wall and let's get your music done…

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