mickjr 5

Guitarist from The Hunter (Newcastle), NSW

28 year old male

Gday all, My name is Mick I live in the hunter region, a little town called Paterson just out of Maitland to be exact. I’m 27 and I am looking for someone I can jam with and write songs with. I want to share my passion and get out there!! I love to play the guitar and I built a big stomp board i use both feet on for some background drumming, I’m addicted to it because it’s what makes me happy and it’s my passion. I don’t know many people in the area, i play my guitar everyday without fail for a minimum of 2 hrs and it comes everywhere with me. I love country, folk and blues. I have taught myself everything I know and started taking it seriously the last 12 months. I sing a little but I’m not too confident which is why I need to meet other musicians. I have a similar voice to John Williamson. I have a really good sense of humour and I love making people laugh. I can play quiet a few of his songs. I can strum, I pick extremely well. Give me a call if you want to have a chat and meet please. 02 49385676 or text on 0457 266 761 i would love to hear from you thanks mick