Band: Final Thought

Originals/Covers Band from Brisbane, QLD

Final Thought is a collaboration of music, energy and soul. This four piece band puts on a live show that entices the audience and connects in a way that keeps them wanting more. The experience of each member has been blended perfectly to structure a positively charged unique style of music. The defining drum beats of Brett Astill, driving bass lines by Bruce Vines, the diverse guitar work by Chris Frederickson and the vocal styling of Jeffrey Hughes fronting this band truly defines its music as a stand out from the rest.

Final Thought have been a band for 5 years

The members of Final Thought have been playing for 2 years on average

Metal Alternative
Limp Bizkit,Mudvyane,Killswitch Engage,36 Crazy Fists,The Offspring,Deftones,Slipknot,Pantera,Fear Factory,Trivium many more
Artists played with include:
Overfiend,led light rose,scuurvy,raw machine,lysergic,Severd Link,Defiance wears black,cry Havoc,boot leggers,the royale artillery,Edge of Earth,flicker switch,the lady killers,chick flick,speed racer,buick six,the moderns,schfeet,high plains drifter,Alive Minded,group therapy,woven fear,triplickit,sun judice,ekklesia,hack.