Guitarist from Sydney - West, NSW

18 year old male

Hey there people who stopped by to read this, thank you very much.

Anyway enough with the formal speech, so I'm an 18 year old guitar player from Campbelltown who is very interested in rock and metal.

I've been playing for about five or six years now and am influenced by a shit ton of people like Metallica, Pantera, Van Halen, Steve Vai, Dorje, Mudvayne and a buttload of others.

I wanna stress though that i'm not just "METAL 4 LYFE", i mean i am but i have some experience with music theory and enjoy playing many genres as long as it doesn't end in 'pop'. except maybe pop from the 90s, yeah they were... fine.

I'm a comfortable lead guitar player and I would love to play in cover or original bands. Classic rock, blues, metal, country, anything around that area you want me to do I'll have a good stab at it.

So send through any original material or some songs that we could work on or cover and I'll get back to you on what i think.

Preferred styles/genres:
Rock Metal
Van Halen, Pantera, Metallica, Dorje, Deftones, Steve Vai, Early Mudvayne, Phil X, Masayoshi Takanaka, Charlie Parra Del Riego