Vocalist from Sydney - Central, NSW


Metal vocalist looking for a band, based in Sydney.
Here's what I sound like:
Solo uni project
Previous band
Genre-wise though, I'm hoping for something heavier/darker, with about 50/50 mix of clean vocals with growls.
You can contact me via the form on my website,

Preferred styles/genres:
Vocally, I'm influenced by a lot of female screamers and growlers (eg. In This Moment, Arch Enemy), a bunch of female metal clean vocalists (eg. Evanescense, Nightwish), with a sprinkling of Eminem and Disturbed.

Musically, I think I'm most drawn to heavy music with good rhythm and use of dynamics, but couldn't pin it down to any subgenre. I have a feeling most of my musical influences/interests fall under alternative metal subgenres from the 90’s onwards, like nu, industrial, gothic, symphonic, djent, visual kei, and some fusion bands or those with unusual instrumentation/other novelties. However I do like elements of death metal and other older metal styles, so I wouldn't say no to them, but I probably do need a little more thrown in.
Current band(s):
I'm currently a soloist but it's not what I wanna be doing tbh.
Previous band(s):
Rainbow Death Ray
Equipment Owned:
I have my own microphone and cable for gigs, and also a small home studio setup for recording my own vocals and producing mostly electronic music.

I also have a bunch of electric instruments, including violin/viola, but am not currently looking to use them in a new project at this stage.