Guitarist from Gippsland, VIC

52 year old male

SALE 3850 - Never been a great musician. Need to practice a lot! Used to love playing sax at school but just dabbling in that. Love guitars more than hot rods!

Preferred styles/genres:
Rock Blues Dance Ambient
Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, John Williams (classical musician), Cold Chisel, Small Faces, INXS, Joe Banamassa, Dutch Tilders, Mental As Anything, Ice House, Aussie Crawl, Morcheeba, Tracy Chapman, LRB, Richard Clapton, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Peter Green, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Dave Graney, Nick Cave, Django Reinhardt, Billy Gibbons, Easybeats, and much more!
Current band(s):
Previous band(s):
Equipment Owned:
Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Hollow electric guitars, bass guitar, Mandolins, acoustic and electric, Marshall Mosfet Lead 100 stack (1 x cab), Fender Rumble 25 bass amp, practice amps. Two guitars with built in drum machines! Saxophone (when I can get it from Melbourne!).