Vocalist, Bassist from Adelaide City, SA

15 year old female

Im 14 and would like to stay in that age range (13-15 preferably)

Ive been playing (very) casual guitar for about 4 years and Ive recently picked up on bass though and mostly do alternative and punk but I like and am open to metal and hard rock too . Ive done quite a few gigs (acoustic guitar and singing) but haven't really experimented with any rock genres in vocals yet.

My music Instagram is @cryptid.loser so theres a few demos on there.

Preferred styles/genres:
Rock Metal Punk Rock Indie Emo
My Chemical Romance
Green Day
Linkin Park
The Offspring
Rise Against
Equipment Owned:
Fender Squier Bass Guitar, Ibanez Acoustic Guitar, Some microphone, Cube amp, a few ukuleles.