Vocalist from Brisbane, QLD

48 year old male

I am a singer/songwriter. I am DTE, FRIENDLY, HAPPY, FUNNY. Am wanting to meet DTE guys, to join or form a group. I have written a stack of my own (lyrics) and are ready to bring to life. I have enough lyrics for 6 albums, and am currently working on about another 70 songs, some near completion. I want to make hit songs. I have them here waiting to be heard, but we first need to add the music ,they are Great. I can sing in the range of SABBATH - to Tom Jones just for example. I can play some crunchy squealing guitar, no acoustic. I am wanting to join or form a band on northside, to create original rock tunes. I have all of my own equipment, PA's, AMPS, MIC'S ETC. My number is 0403 724 553. :) If you want to create hit songs, I have them here waiting.

Preferred styles/genres:
Rock Pop Hard Rock
ACDC, KISS, TWISTED SISTER, SABBATH, DIO, EDGUY, MAIDEN, EZO, BRIGHTON ROCK, LIVING END, GREENDAY, POWDERFINGER, SILVERCHAIR, CHILLI PEPPERS, AND MUCH MORE, I WAS INFLUENCED BY ARTISTS FROM 60'S - 90'S I GUESS. NOT JUST HARD ROCK GROUPS. I can listen to 4KQ allday, or Sabbath, it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I am waiting to do some CRUNCHY tunes. I am up for any ERA, when it comes to covers :)
Previous band(s):
i was a solo vocal/guitar player, tried a few bands. I am a singer, I play crunchy squealing guitar, BUT-I'm a SINGER. it's what I'm best at, 30 years.
Equipment Owned:
Randall RG100 SC. 400Watt Yamaha PA. Many mic's, stands etc. Couple of SM58's, plenty others also.