Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer from Sydney - West, NSW

29 year old female

..I have been messing with the guitar for 23 years and played in a few garage bands along the way..
I can also play limited drum progressions, bass and various instruments sufficiently.
I love writing songs and composing guitar symphonies.

Preferred styles/genres:
Rock Punk Rock Alternative Grunge Acoustic
Everything and everyone
Queens of the Stoneage, Eleven, Kingswood, The Love junkies, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, grinspoon, them crooked vultures, muse, the dead weather, the cruel sea, john butler, rage against the machine. Black sabbath, Queen, hendrix and led zeppelin of course, tumbleweed, monster magnet, everclear, kyuss, radiohead, machine gun fellatio, silverchair..lots of bands
Current band(s):

Previous band(s):
Equipment Owned:
this n that so dont rob me
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Late Night
Dusk til Dawn