Vocalist, Guitarist from Sydney - Central, NSW

24 year old male

Imagine if you lived in the 70s and travelled to the future (present) where the rock scene isn't as big as it used to be. You want to rock out but people just don't understand the music and as a result you have to adapt a bit but not deviate completely. That's the kind of music I want to create. I want to recreate early rock n roll but with a modern touch to it; the music should sound like wearing your old worn out clothes with maybe some modifications, it's old and worn out, but you love wearing it because it's comfortable and it looks cool.

Like the CBGB scene in the 70s, the Seattle grunge scene in the 90s and the New York post-punk/garage rock scene in the early 2000s, I want to not only create important music but also be a part of something big, something greater than you and me and continue to do this, influence and be influenced by fellow musos, be a part of a community.

I'm 24, I recently graduated from uni and now work full time in the engineering industry. I've been in bands before and I currently am still in a band, but to be honest, we barely do anything and I lost the passion with them, due to the lack of drive.
The most important thing for me is chemistry, it isn't the skills, that stuff you can work on, but chemistry, now that is much harder to achieve.

If you like any of the bands on my influences (The first 3 bands are my all time favs, rest are not in order), please oh please contact me:

0435529945 is my num !
Or reply to this.

Alternatively, if you think you need a guitar player/vocalist and have the same attitude as me, get in touch! I can play the guitar and bass but my true talents lie in being a vocalist and a frontman.

The Velvet Underground
The Beatles
The Strokes
Lou Reed
The Ramones
The Voidz
Iggy Pop (as well as The Stooges)
David Bowie
The Doors
The Growlers
The White Stripes
Mac DeMarco
Arctic Monkeys
Pink Floyd
Tame Impala
Black Sabbath
Talking Heads
The Pixies
Sonic Youth
Current band(s):
The Factory
Equipment Owned:
Fender Telecaster
Yamaha Semi Acoustic
Tobias Toby Electric Bass