Bassist from Melbourne - North, VIC


Looking to start a band, covers with idea of getting gig ready for doing pubs etc, would like to do basement 5 and The Members interpretations and stuff from other artists funk/punk/reggae...

Ive played bass for a about 5 years and a late starter to music but keen to get a band happening.
both previous bands I was in and current have had probs with getting up to the gigging part mainly because people have moved on or arent as committed as they thought they were, anyways first step is get in touch and start a conversation

Preferred styles/genres:
Funk Reggae Punk Rock
Basement 5. The Clash. Stiff Little Fingers. The Members. Style Council/Paul Weller.
Curtis Mayfield. Daft Punk. Primal Scream
Junior Murvin. Lee Perry. King Tubby
Current band(s):
in a rock band
Previous band(s):
was in a R&B/Pop band
Equipment Owned:
5 string bass
410 cabinet